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Brown Garlic

Among the many varieties of garlic that we grow in Dispaman we have brown garlic, also called gourmet garlic, which as its name indicates will be appreciated by the most gourmets and lovers of good food.

What is brown garlic like?

Brown garlic, along with purple garlic and white garlic, is the garlic variety with the mildest flavour. It is the garlic whose bulblets have a brown outer protection leaf, a white bulb and a hard neck due to the presence of a floral stem. Russian garlic belongs to this family.

It is a variety of medium-large size, with few teeth but considerable dimensions. As its name indicates it has a brown colour, the head has a round shape, almost like a balloon, and is covered by a white skin with some purple lines. It has less cloves compared to other varieties of garlic, between 5 and 6 per head.

The taste of this garlic variety is spicy. Its tasting is a great culinary experience because of its intense aroma and strong flavor, factors that make brown garlic the perfect complement to aromatize stews or to spread on toast in the form of garlic paste.

When the garlic is harvested, the heads are white and later acquire their characteristic colour as the drying process is completed. It has a very good conservation.

As far as its cultivation is concerned, certain factors can make it more complicated, as well as during the conditioning process. It does not have an excessively high average yield per hectare, which makes it a quite exclusive garlic and relatively difficult to obtain.

It is sown in October and November and harvested in June.

Dispaman’s brown garlic

In Dispaman we like to go further and offer products that not necessarily all growers have. Just as we grow the most popular and consumed garlic, we also use part of our land to grow brown garlic. It is a special garlic, of different quality, designed to enhance the flavours of the dishes it accompanies, but it also has enough qualities to be the protagonist thanks to its aroma and flavour. If you want to offer a different garlic that will not leave any diner or any customer indifferent, in Dispaman you have it.

Ask us about the different formats in which we can offer this gourmet product, as well as our prices.

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