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Garlic Branch

The garlic in branch is a special type of preparation that is less and less common among garlic growers but that we have always offered in Dispaman since it presents many advantages for the product and for the final consumer.

How is a garlic branch?

Collecting and preparing garlic branches consists on tying the roots of the plant to form a kind of inverted branch. This is a laborious process, after which we must hang the garlic and let it finish drying naturally. In this way the juice remains in the head of the garlic, which helps maintain all its properties. For the garlic branch to stay together and compact it must have some moisture when packed, if it is cut dry it can break.

This form of preparation that requires so much time and effort prevents the loss of part of the juice of the stem, which usually occurs when the garlic is extracted from the fields by machine.

Dispaman’s garlic branch

In Dispaman we offer this rustic and traditional preparation that helps the garlic to dry and heal naturally and also helps to preserve all its nutrients from the fields.

Get in touch with us to ask for a budget and obtain more information on how we make our garlic branches.

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