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Garlic String

Among the many confections we offer for garlic, the garlic string is one of the most classic and traditional.

What is a garlic string?

The garlic string is a small pile of garlic that has been braided to form along string of garlic heads (bulbs). The size of the strands depends on how many garlic heads you want to include in each, but some can contain between 50 and 100 heads, weighing between half and a kilo.

They are obtained by braiding the plant’s own green leaves. A lot of times people acquire these garlic strings for decorative purposes rather than culinary, since it gives a rustic and natural touch. Once the string is braided, it is usually hung to dry naturally, which isually improves its conservation and lenghtens its self life. This has always been a very traditional practice, especially in Spain and specifically in Castilla La Mancha.

Uses of garlic strings

Curiously, in addition to being an infredient and a decorative element, garlic strings were used to prevent bad luck in some areas of Castilla La Mancha. According to this tradition the garlic string must have an odd number of heads hanging on the wall or on a door to ward off evil spirits, especially on All Saints’ Day.

Dispaman’s garlic strings

At Dispaman we always try to offer as many garlic varieties as possible, both in terms of product and packaging, which is why we make garlic strings. It is a striking, ornamental, almost festive looking product that also fulfils a very practical function such storing garlic in the smallest space and keeping it fresh and all in one place.

We elaborate the garlic string in an artisan way, as has always been done in Castilla La Mancha, following our ancestors’ tradition.

Ask us about our prices if you want to obtain authentic garlic strings from Spain.

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