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Our Quality

Just as in our lives we seek quality of life, in our plantations we, above all, search for quality in our products, not forgetting the fact that in order to obtain that objective our breeding and production processes must be meticulously examined and investigated, committing ourselves to greater food safety and protecting the environment.

To that end we have a well-structured work system and extensive experience in the sector, since over 70 years of experience stand behind us.

Working with a group of professional agricultural engineers, who with many hours of work dedicated to the production areas, inspect every corner of the land where we will invest all our efforts and professionalism during the months which make up the planting cycle in order to obtain that objective that every farmer pursues for their crops, QUALITY.

Comprehensive controls and analysis of the land and water which is earmarked to our productions, pre-certification and quality certification seeds, good agricultural practices, introducing manual work in order to reduce impacts and stress on the plantations covering in a safe and orderly fashion the needs of the bulbs as regards fertilisation, nutrition and disease prevention, as well as professionalism in its handling process, as always, implementing and meeting every requirement of our Global G.A.P system, so that one can know with just entering a code, the process and product history that is being used, from planting until reaching one’s hands.

We believe that the most important matter for our customers is a first-rate product traceability process, and only in this fashion we are absolutely sure that the QUALITY which is sought is possible and lies in your hands, and thus obtaining the results which are then reflected with great satisfaction on the faces of our customers.

That’s why in Huerta Nature we continue working and improving our work system every day so as to offer our customers the best Garlic and the best Onion.

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