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Purple Garlic

Purple garlic is known for its strong scent and spicy taste, that make it stand out in every gastronomic occasion. Its bulb has a sphere like shape and its lower layers have a violet color. Dispaman’s purple garlic grows near Las Pedroñeras, which is why they have all of the same qualities, from its soil.

In Mediterranean cuisine purple garlic has found a strong ally thanks to its powerful taste, but in general there are thousands of well-known dishes and recipes that contain this great ingredient, like Spanish omellette (tortilla de patatas), garlic soup, different kinds of sautèeds and any other kind of dish that has a garlic and parsley base. Although garlic can even be eaten on its own.

Garlic’s Healing Properties

Garlic preserves its healing properties better when it’s consumed raw, but it’s also good to cook as a healther eating habit. A lot of people eat one raw garlic clove every day because it helps keep our organism clean and well taken care of.

If we take a look at garlic’s composition we’ll see it has antioxidant that can help precent Alzheimer and dementia. It has been proved that a high dose garlic supplements increase antioxidant enzymes in a human being and notably reduce oxidative stress in people with high blood pressure.

Garlic’s nutritional value is very high, in spite of barely having any fat. It contains 23% of the amount of magnesium an average adult man should consume every day, and 17% the vitamin B6, 15% of vitamin C and almost a gramme of fibre.

The Magic Origin of Garlic

It is beliebed that garlic crops began in south west Siberia or India thousands of years ago. This plant belongs to the Liliaceae family, which has always been attributed magical healing properties to. From the beginning of human history, this ingrediente has been used with other purposes besides cooking. Many civilazations has used garlic to heal, as medicine. For example, during the Middle Ages it was used to prevent viral and bacterial deseases. During World War II, some doctors would use it on site as an antiseptic. Nowadays garlic is considered a really importand product and experts recommend eating it every day in small doses.


Purple garlic and Chinese garlic: how to tell them apart

It is important to notice the seize of the Spanish purple garlic bulb, given that it’s smaller than Chinese garlic’s. Another thing to keep in mind is that our national garlic as a more sphere like shape, whereas Chinese garlic is flatter.

While Spanish purple garlic has 8 or 9 small cloves Chinese garlic should have 10 to 12 bigger cloves.

The layers covering the purple garlic’s bulb are white, while Chinese garlic’s are tinted violet.

The most important differece is found on the inside. Once the upper layers have been peeled you’ll be able to see the purple tone. However, in Chinese garlic, the skin covering the clove is white.

Allicin in an organosulfur compound that is freed when the cloves breaks and that gives the garlic its special intense and spicy flavor. When it comes to Spanish purple garlic, it contains more Allicin than Chinese garlic, which is why it has a strongers flavor.

The best soil to grow purple garlic

Purple garlic must be planted in a soil with the right humidity level, which will usually bita bit less than the field’s capacity, and it must also have a good drainage system. The soil must also be cool and a bit clay-like, so it will have more properties. It should also contain high amounts of potassium carbonate and moderate amounts of lime.

Purple garlic adapts well to its environment, it doesn’t need much nor is it too demanding when it comes to natural resources, but there are specific conditions that will help it grow.

Regarding the soil, it’s better to plant purple garlic in land where cereals, peppers, cabbage, wheat, lettuce, potatoes or colza.

The best climate to grow purple garlic

Same as with spring white and spring violet garlic, 0ºC it’s considered the growing temperatura from which purple garlic can start to grow. Nigh time’s ideal temperatura would be below 16ºC, although it can stand up to 40ºC as long as the ground’s humidity is enough.

At Dispaman we grow our garlic in the best possible condition so their natural properties are always preserved. If you want to inquire about our prices, please fill up the contact form on the right side of the site.

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