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Red Onion

It is one of the most aesthetically beautiful onions, with an exquisite purple tonality that makes it appealing in many circumstances. The meat is white with red pigments and its skin is paper type. It also has a great brightness and its texture is very crunchy. The size varies greatly depending on the season but is usually similar to that of white or yellow onion, ie a little smaller than that of a tennis ball.

If we talk about flavour, we find that it is a very powerful onion. The taste is quite spicy and rough, one of the strongest varieties that exist. However, it has the characteristic that when cooked the flavor is softened in a quite significant way.

The red onion, also called red onion, is found all year round in supermarkets, but in summer and early autumn is when it has a milder taste because it is common to intensify during the winter months. A good onion is one that shows firmness when held and weighs more than it appears. This means that it is condensed, young and will keep for longer. It should be stored in a dark, cool and dry place. As with most onions, it will last longer in optimum condition if stored in a vegetable storage bag that is breathable and maintained at a temperature around zero degrees.

Cooking red onion

The red onion has an infinite number of culinary uses. The most common are cold, to accompany dishes such as ceviche, a salad with cherry tomatoes, hot dogs or as a pairing in various Mexican meals. A byproduct that is especially rich is red onion marmalade, which is often used in pancakes and certain types of hamburgers.

Cultivation of red onion

This onion takes on different shades depending on the time of year in which it is consumed. If it is grown in the spring and summer seasons, and the customer buys it in the authorised establishments from March to August, it tends to have a milder and sweeter flavour because the soil on which it sits has not been cultivated recently. However, the onion cultivated between the autumn and winter months is usually larger, with thicker skin and a lower degree of humidity, so its flavour is more spicy.

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