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Fresh Green Garlic

Fresh green garlic, also known in Spain as tender garlic, is an immature and young version of the traditional liliaceae. In Dispaman we know that this type of garlic is well liked in our culture, especially fried, so we work hard to offer it to our customers, direct from our fields and with the best quality.

How is fresh green garlic?

As we have already mentioned, freh green garlic is an early version of the traditional garlic, and it is characterised by being tender and fresh. It has a milder flavour and has other notable physical differences, being the first to have hardly any head. Instead it has a small whitish bulb at the bottom and the whole plant has an elongated shape, more like a stem. In Spanish this garlic is also known as “ajete” and is harvested shortly before the garlic forms the fattening so that we can consume the stem.

The smell of this fresh green garlic is softer than ripe garlic and very aromatic thanks to the large amount of allicin it contains.

How is fresh green garlic or tender garlic grown?

To get fresh green garlic the farmer has two options: he can cut the growth to get that tender version or he can grow it directly in a specific way. Traditional garlic is planted with a clove, while fresh green garlic is sown using a whole head and putting it in the ground, which makes development faster (several months shorter compared to standard garlic). In addition, tender garlic has a longer planting season, from late summer to late winter.

How is fresh green garlic different from dry garlic?

Fresh green garlic contains more water and inulin (insoluble fibre that is very beneficial for regulating the intestinal flora) than dry garlic, but also maintains its same nutritional properties, such as all vitamins (especially those of the B group), nutrients (magnesium, potassium and sodium among others), antioxidants, fungicide and antiseptic properties (such as allicin), etc.

Dispaman’s fresh green garlic

In Dispaman we bet as much by the innovation as by the tradition, reason why we are proud to cultivate and to be able to offer a green garlic fresh of high quality, that contributes flavor, happiness and texture and all the plates.

Consult with us all the formats in which we can make this garlic and ask us for a quote.

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