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White Onion

The white onion is widely used in the kitchen for its strong flavor. Although its taste is not particularly strong either, as you can appreciate nuances sweeter than in other varieties would be unthinkable, allowing it to be eaten raw. For example, yellow onion will rarely be used for salads, sandwiches or pizzas, but this kind of bulb could even be eaten alone. Its size is a little smaller than a tennis ball and both its flesh and skin are white.

This exceptional vegetable, which cannot be missing from a healthy diet, can be bought at all times of the year and its flavour does not vary too much according to seasonality. Specifically, this variety of onion is not especially known for having a very long shelf life so we must choose well when buying it to be in the best possible condition:

  • It is always necessary to select consistent onions, which weigh more than their size really indicates.
  • A dry, cool and dark place is the ideal place to store them. To make them last even longer, it is best to put them in a breathable vegetable storage bag and keep them at zero degrees.

The white onion is widely used in gastronomic environments to accompany all kinds of dishes. This variety is one of the preferred for dressing salads and all kinds of recipes whose execution is served cold. One of the most similar markets to this vegetable is the Latin American market, where it is added to ranch eggs, refried beans or Cuban picadillo.

White Onion Cultivation

Onions harvested in the spring and summer seasons, which are available for purchase in supermarkets from March to about August, tend to have a milder, sweeter taste because they are found in soil that has not been recently harvested. However, onions harvested in autumn and winter, although they may come from the same plant as the previous ones, are usually ripened under the ground for a few more weeks. The main consequence of this fact is found in its size, which are larger than spring or summer, have thicker skin and have less moisture. The taste of the latter is more spicy, so they are ideal for cooking and less conducive to take raw.

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