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White Spring Garlic

White spring garlic is one of the most popular and well known garlic varieties in today’s cuisine of so many countries and cultures. In Spain you can find this type of garlic in every kitchen and in every recipe. It mostly used to enhace traditional cooking flavors and as a source of vitamins and other beneficial properties. In Dispaman we grow white spring garlic with great passion and care, which results in a grea quality garlic that our customers love.

Spring garlic includes two different varieties: white and violet, which occupy 200 hectares of our fields. They are our biggest crops.

White Spring Garlic: Where Does It Come From?

Like the rest of garlic varieties, white spring garlic comes from the allium sativum plant. The first records of this plant go back 7000 years to central Asia, and from there it spread out throughout the Mediterranean coast thanks to the Byzanitine and Roman Empires. Historic reports state that garlic’s first crops were planted in India.

In antiquity garlic was more valued for its medicinal and healing qualitys rather than for its ability to boost flavor. It was used to heal ulcers, ease ear pain or even as vitamin supplement. As garlic bacame more popular it became an essential product in everyday cooking.

This garlic variety is named after the season when harvest takes place, spring.

White Spring Garlic: How Is It Different from the Rest?

Size is one of the reasons why white spring garlic is so popular. It usually has a nice calibre, going from 50mm to 80mm and even bigger. Its exterior also looks nice, which makes it easy to commercialize. White spring garlic has a hard stalk and the bulb’s leaves are white, like the cloves inside it. The numer of cloves per bulb is usually aroung 10 to 12.

White spring garlic has a softer scent and flavor compared to other types of garlic and this, as we have already mentioned, makes it very attractive and easy to use for buyers. In Dispaman offer our clients several packaging options for white spring garlic, like carton and plastic boxes (in different sizes), net bags, carton trays or even in big boxes. We can adjust and adapt our orders and products to each client’s needs and requirements.

WhiteSpring Garlic

White Spring Garlic: How Does It Grow?

White spring garlic is not too hard to grow, altought there are obviously some things the farmer needs to know to ensure the best and highest quality produce. In Dispaman we are expert growers and we know every trick in the book.

The seed used to grow white spring garlic is originally from China but it has been adapted and is produced in Spain. This seed has a quite short germination if the cold chain is not controlled properly.

White spring garlic adapts easily to its environment, and with the adequate care and conditons its growth should be early. Garlic it’s a high performance crop per hectare, which is another reason why it’s such a popular product. It is planted during October and November and harvested in June.

White Spring Garlic: the Right Temperature

When it comes to growing white spring garlic, 0ºC it’s considered to be the growing temperature from which it can start its growth. Night time temperaturas for white spring garlic are better below 16ºC, but it can also stand warmer temperautres up to 40ºC as long as the soil has a mínimum degree of humidity. Spring white garlic can also stand lower temperatures as long as it has one or three leaves covering it.

White Spring Garlic: the Right Soil

The soil where white spring garlic it’s planted needs to have a good drainage system and a perfect dregree of humidity for the crop. That dregree of humidity it’s usuallya bit under the soil’s capacity. The perfect soil would be cool and a bit clay-like.

As we have previously mentioned, white spring garlic adapts easily to specific grwing conditions, and one of them is the soil. It grows specially well in fields where cereals have been planted before, as well as lettuce, peppers, wheat, potatoe, barley, cabbage and colza.

White Spring Garlic: What Can It Do?

White spring garlic it’s an excellent flavor enhacer and can be used in endless way in the kitchen: raw, dry, medium-dry, to fry, to stew or to make. Besides this, it’s health benefits are many and notable, like the ones we list below:

  • It has fungicidal, bactericide and antiseptic properties.
  • It lowers colesterol and trygycide levels thanks to the allicin in it.
  • It avoids and reduces cardiovascular obstructions.
  • When eaten raw it helps prevent certain types of cáncer like stomach cancer and colon cancer.
  • It has decongestant effects which makes it very helpful when treaating colds and allergies.
  • It helps the inmune system.
  • It has antioxidant properties that help improve your skinand hair and can also be used to treat acne.
  • It contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.

To sum up, adding white spring garlic to our idea, as a flavor anhacer or as a vitamin and health supplement, is always a good idea. At Dispaman we have the best white spring garlic the Spanish market has to offer, and we can package in several different ways, adapting each order to our client’s needs ans requirements.

At Dispaman, garlic growers from Castilla La Mancha, we have been growing our produce in our own land foro ver 70 years, and we can offer a high quality white spring garlic. Get in touch with us if you want to know more about all our calibres and preparation options.

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