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Garlic Growers

Leading company in garlic production of the varieties with the highest demand in the market. We grow:

Garlic, Spring White Garlic, Spring Violet Garlic, Black Garlic, Purple Garlic, Brown/Gourmet Garlic and Traditional Chinese White Garlic.

Our facilities and our material and human resources allow us to be prepared to supply our clients with our best quality garlic, providing them with year-round service thanks to our cold storage rooms.

In Dispaman we have over 70 years of experience as onions and garlic growers, our clients can vouch for our reliability, our quality and our service. We can offer different packaging options for our garlic and onions, that can even be customized if it is necessary to meet our clients’ needs.

If you are looking for great quality garlic and for a reliable and efficient supplier, then we are the company for you. Dispaman, garlic growers, always putting our clients first, whether they are national or internacional from places like France, USA, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Czech Republic…

Over 70 years of family history, experience and passion in the world of garlic and onions stand behind us.
Our family roots have grown and already having a third generation working…

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Having in Huerta Nature over 500 hectares of owned and leased land where we cultivate approximately 350 hectares of garlic and 70 hectares of different varieties of onions. Capping off the cultivation of our land with cereal, potato, corn plantings etc. in order to carry out crop rotations and not to saturate the land, it is this fact, which helps us to obtain the best quality and the best garlic and onions in the world.

Huerta Nature And Dispaman have a total of 14,000m2 of work facilities.
The central warehouse is located in Balazote (Albacete)…
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Just as in our lives we seek quality of life, in our plantations we, above all, search for quality in our products…

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White spring garlic has become an essential product in our day-today cooking thanks to its soft scent and flavor. The spring garlic varieties (white and violet) get their name from the season when they are harvested, even though they also called “Chinese garlic” because the see comes from China. The stalk of the white spring garlic is hard, and its bulb can mesure from 5cm to 7cm. It’s a very common ingredient in many countries around the world and it can be consumed and cooked in many different ways.



Our wide experience allows us to grow onions with a great scent and taste. We pay attention and care of every detail of our growing system to deliver our clients the best product there is on the market. We grow different varieties: Yellow Onion, White Onion and Red Onion



Besides being well-known for its culinary and medicinal properties, purple garlic is famous for its strong scent and flavor that season and add something different to every dish. It has a sphere shaped bulb and its lower layers have a violet tone. Our purple garlic grows near Las Pedroñeras and gets all of the benefits and characteristics of that particular soil, known world-wide for the quality of its agricultural produce.



Yellow onions are one the most commonly used products to cook. It has an intense, but at the sama time soft, flavor. Spanish yellow onions can be eaten raw given that they are considered almost sweet compared to other onion varieties. Their size is usually not overly big and their inside layers should always have a yellowish tone.



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